Costa Rica – Day 7

Determined to make the best of our last day of vacation, we hit the beaches early around 10:30.  We went to Playa de Hermosa, which means beautiful beach.  Luke met a tica on the bus the previous night who was the front desk manager at some local resort.

She hooked us up with free day passes; it was incredible.  It had multiple pools with an overlook of the whole beach, swim up bars, as well as fooseball and pool tables.  We spent the whole day there, soaking up sun rays and enjoying the free time.  We stayed till sunset, watching the sun slowly dip behind the ocean for the last time.

I couldn’t believe how fast the week has gone.  We then hitch-hiked back and rested up for our final night.  We went out to a bar, but in all honesty, were too exhausted from the week.  I ended up just laying by the pool with Mark and Elizabeth and we chatted all night until 3:30.

The stars were beautiful.  I couldn’t help but think back on my week, all the memories made and the times shared.  The pristine beaches, beautiful women, tropical climate, astronomical features, unique land structures, and hospitable culture.

These memories I will always cherish and never forget; Costa Rica, how I miss thee.

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