About Me

For the past 13.7 billion years I’ve been wandering the observable universe, taking on many different shapes and forms along the way.  Only recently (as in 4 years ago, as of 2014) did I decide “hey, maybe I should blog about this.”

Things were a lot more interesting in those early days, I’m sure.

Nonetheless, I decided it necessary to record some of that knowledge absorbed along the way and dispense it through a digital medium.  Life lessons, random musings, and entertaining thoughts.

I identify as a polyglot, entrepreneur, lucid dreamer, and wannabe musician.  Other concepts I am fascinated by, and often write about include technology, world travel, personal development, happiness, and living the good life.

I am one of  9 brothers and sisters.

Our backgrounds range from computer sciene, physics, electrical engineering, anthropology, law, philosophy, mathematics, mechanical engineering, forensics science, chemistry, accounting, and ancient language studies.

We’ve since expanded our roots along the way, welcoming new brothers and sisters, wives and husbands from Jewish, African, Indian, Filipino, and Chinese decent.   The Neyers are an eclectic bunch, really.

John, Amy, Ava, Jon, Luke, Jenn, Mark, Christine, Angela, Sanjeet, Matt, Michelle, Elizabeth, James…  if you’re reading this, know that I love you and couldn’t imagine having done it without you.

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