Costa Rica – Day 6

We woke up rather later than usual, 8 or so, and promptly went to search for the capuchins before heading out.  We found them very quickly in the mango trees.  After observing them for 30 minutes, Marlin, our taxi driver, came and picked us up.  He drove us up a couple hours to Mount Tenorio.

The drive up was remarkable; everything was so much greener, apparently not as devastated by the dry season.  There, we explored the mountain along a guided trail to various beautiful land structures.  The first thing we came upon was a waterfall.  The water was a striking shade of blue unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Upon going up for a closer look, I slipped into the basin.  Ay curumba!

We hiked along the hilly terrain observing various lookout points, hot pools, and unique geological features.  By this time, we were physically drained.  We hoped back in the taxi then bused a couple hours to our next destination, Coco Beach.

Coco Beach was most similar to Samara if I had to compare it.  It had a thriving night life.  We quickly made reservations at a local hotel before resting up a bit before venturing out into the night.  We went to a bar called LiLazers, which was a lot of fun.  Those Costa Ricans sure do love their laser machines.  I met some really cool foreigners and locals there while dancing my face off.  I met a Japanese girl and learned how to count to 10.

Communication with the locals was fun as usual, my Spanish is really starting to come along.

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