Work = Travel?

As I got into work today, I realized a strong majority of my co-op funds go to traveling.  Last year at Executive Jets Management, I invested most of my earnings in happiness (aka Costa Rica).  My summer co-op at NewGrounds Landscaping paid a majority of one of the top 5 best weekends of my life (my Ukraine trip).  And during my current co-op at SS&G, I am investing my money in more happiness! (Spain study abroad).

Thus, I can only assume that my future line of work will all be going towards traveling until I can make a career as a professional traveler (do they even have that?).  I can also only assume that each year I’ll have to set the bar higher and higher in terms of destination. Who knows what’s next?   I could see the Phillipines, Africa, or Brazil.  Hell, I’ll make it to the moon, even if I have to crawl.

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