The Top 10 of 2013 was created in 2010 as a medium for me to express my thoughts and ideas.  Since then, writing and blogging has been a growing passion of mine and a means for thinking critically over a variant range of topics.   Below are some of my favorite posts from 2013.  Hope you enjoy!


1) Chasing Happiness: What it means to be happy, how we often defer happiness with expectations, and proven methods for increasing your base level.

2) Twerk, Derp, and Selfie: How Languages Evolve: A look into how words are created and destroyed over time.  The purveyors of how we think, dream, and share our inner sentiments with one another is less concrete that you may have imagined.

3) The Life Lesson of Losing It All: Last year I had my luggage stolen in Barcelona with all of my possessionsmy laptop, all my clothes, all my shoes, toe nail clippers, tooth-brush, books, everything.  Why it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

4) Virtual Wealth: An in-depth analysis of virtual property and their evolution over time.  Inclusive of MMORPGs, crypto-currencies, and virtual real estate.

5) The Most Powerful Statement: How your “I am” statement is the  most powerful thing you can say.  How the story and inner monologue of who you are shapes your experiences.

6) Mental Imagery: How vivid imagination can be just as effective as the real thing.  An inside look at apply sports psychology principles to your everyday life.

7) What is Time: Comparing ancient Greek theories of time with todays Western World.  What it means for determining order of events, and how it consequently effects making decisions.

8) Motivation Doesn’t Work: Building Habits to Reach Your Goals: Dreaming big with baby steps.  How making micro changes can lead to big time results, and learn to start to focus small.

9) Facing Fear: What scares you most?  A step-by-step guide for acknowledging your biggest fears and over coming their restraints.

10) Language:  the Worlds Greatest Currency:  A look into language’s symmetrical properties with currency, how they have evolved, and the importance of confidence and general acceptance.


Thanks for reading in 2013, look forward to more posts coming your way in 2014!  Some theories and topics I plan on discussing include: lucid dreaming, 3D printing, I want vs I am, the law of attraction, practicing gratitude, and a simple guide to having fun.  Feel free to contribute suggestions for topics.

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