New Things

All life is an experiment.  The more experiments, the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lately I’ve been on this pretty big kick of every week trying at least one new thing I can say I’ve never done before.  Life, in my opinion, is all about trying as many different things out as possible.  I would describe knowledge not as an indication via I.Q. level, but by having a diverse spectrum of life experiences.  The more diverse the experiences, the more in depth the database of experiences in your head that you have the capability to cross-reference a given decision, at any point in time, based upon previous indication.  Intelligence is thus derived from empirical first hand experience of different simulations and life experiences that collectively comprise your memory.

This started when I voyaged up to Cleveland for my first live performance and week long training for Co-Op in Solon, Ohio.  The thrill of jamming out in front of a crowd was very enticing.  It was very surreal, as it was something of the unknown to my continuum experience database.  When I got back to Cincinnati, I wanted to explore what other new things I could delve into. 

The first was a start-up group I met off of a website called  I’ve started to become more and more lured into the start-up industry, and I figured what better way to get some insight on what it’s all about then meet with an experienced group.  The group was very knowledgable, and presented on some key fundamental concepts of the start-up world, many of which I had never heard before.  We also talked about tech-weekends, in which people converge for a weekend and have 48 hours to plan, construct and present a start-up app/program/service to a pannel of seasoned judges – something I’m definitely going to look more into for the next up and coming event.

The most recent unique experience (and I mean unique) was attending a meet up Metaphysics discussion group.  I discovered it off of the website, which has excellent recommendations for things around the city to check out during various days of the week.  The Metaphysics group I discovered was discussing dreams that day, so I couldn’t resist. 

I drove up to Wyoming and met an interesting cast of characters.  We watched a short video on dreams, and their influence on people throughout history, then moved into an open discussion.  I was by far the youngest one there, with everyone else having 25+ years on me.  Some of the members were pretty wierd, and had some outlandish ideas.  I left feeling strong feelings of elation and reassurance, not because I had discovered some new profound wisdom (I didn’t), but rather because it felt good to get a whole new perspective from some complete strangers, many of which I disagreed with.   

In any case, I hope to continue this once a week new experience for weeks to come.


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