Micro Expressions

I was watching the T.V. show Lie To Me today and was very impressed with the accuracy it portrayed micro expressions.  The show is loosely based off of Paul Ekman, a well-renown psychologist, and his study of subliminal facial expressions in day-to-day conversation.

These micro expressions last for a fraction of a second, and are very hard to recognize by an untrained eye.  He spent years studying the muscle movements in facial expressions to compile a detailed account for what various muscle contractions signify.  Languages vary throughout the world with different contexts and origins.  Micro expressions, on the other hand, are universals.  Signs of happiness and aggressiveness are uniform throughout mankind, and a doctrine of our biological make-up.

I’ve often thought  about buying his training program, you get an.  It’s only $40 or so.  You can read more about Paul Ekman and his work here.

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