Life in Madrid

Madrid and the United States are similar in so many more ways than I initially imagined.  The host family I am staying with holds many strikingly similarities with the Neyers back at home.  The apartment complex we live in very small.  A single hallway stretches the length of the apartment, with 3 bedrooms on the left, and a kitchen and bathroom on the right.

I can already feeling my Spanish improving day by day, hour by hour.  As I am writing this I keep wanting to write out the words in Spanish.  Conversing with the locals is my favorite method of learning proper grammar and word usage.  The people here are so friendly, it makes it very easy to strike up a conversation between subway rides, in the park, or at the discos at night.

My only mishap, thus far, was getting lost on my way home the first day of school.  I forgot what exit I was supposed to get off at, and I was traveling alone.  I wandered around the city for a good hour and a half without the slightest inclination of where I was before finally I met up with some chicas to assist in my endeavor.

Nightlife here is incredible; my classes run from 1pm-7pm, so it is very tempting to stay out until the early dawn every morning.  I only have 40 more days left of the program, and I plan on making the most of them.  I try to make every effort to remind myself to focus on the present and make the most of everyday; this trip won’t last forever.

That’s all for now, more updates to follow shortly.


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