Ukraine – Day 2

I awoke just minutes from our destination as we slowly made our decent.  Upon arriving, I was struck by the different signs and the language.  I made my way over to my next flight, finally making my way to Ukraine.  I was met by Daryna, a beautiful Ukrainian girl who is friends with Mark.

Daryna and I explored the city while Mark was at work.  One of the first things I noticed was the parking – cars would park literally sideways and up on the sidewalks.  Mark gave me his keys while he finished up at work, as Daryna and I set out to explore the city.  The first thing we went to was a modern art museum.  It was incredible.  The only way I can describe it is it engaged all 5 senses.  It was 5 stories tall with different themes on each floor.  My favorite room was this fog room.  You literally could barely see your hand in front of you.  As you made your way throughout the room, it would change colors due to the overhead light fixtures.  You would be walking engulfed in green, followed by red, orange, blue and yellow – it was very surreal.  Another one of my favorite rooms was one in which the entire floor, walls, and ceiling were painted black.  In the middle of the room was a stage with various water fountains and spigots.  Strobe lights were flashing on the water giving the aesthetic appearance of the water dancing.  They also had a bubble room, multi-shadow illumination, twisted mirrors, sun light, turning plates, sculptures, and elaborate paintings.

After that, we headed back for some dinner.  That night, Mark and I went to some bar called Vodka Bar.  It. Was. Awesome.  There was a birthday party going on where everyone was wearing giant crazy wigs.  I naturally walked up and asked to partake in the festivities, and was greeted with a giant black fro.  The locals took much pleasure and excitement in our funky outlandish dancing.  We then met some other Americans and joined them for a couple of drinks before the ending the night.

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