Ukraine – Day 1

Today is the day I thought.  The day I’ve been axtiously waiting for to make my mecca across the pond to the foreign continent formally known as Europe.  I am traveling to visit my brother in Ukraine, where he currently resides designing computer games for the Arabic world.

I made my way up to the Dayton airport where I arrived 3 hours early.  I passed the time divulging into the Ukrainian phrasebook my mom bought for me, trying to soak up as much understanding of the language as I could comprehend in order to converse with the locals, travel freely, and more importantly – hit on beautiful women.  The first thing I dove into was memorizing and prunciating the alphabet.  Ukrainian words are linked to their English counterparts, thanks to the Indo-European origins.  I noticed an abundance of the consonants d(д), k(k), b(б), and a predominance of their semi vowels, which take on various forms of “y” sounds.

My first flight landed in Michigan.  As I hurried anxiously to the next flight, I walked through a light show tunnel syncranized with music.  I couldn’t help but feel a silly smile sketch across my face as I was giddy with excitement and curiosity for what adventures laid ahead.  This was the start to what was about to be an epic trip.  I was a kid divulging in the mysteries of a foreign universe.

On my flight over to Amsterdam, I was seated next to this stunningly beautiful woman from Holland.  We chatted about travel purposes, family, and life in general.  Her name was Roos, and she is a professional sand tennis player from Miami.  I feel asleep on the flight and woke up flying over Amsterdam.

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