Programmed Dreaming

Dreaming is unarguably one of my favorite things to do.  There is nothing better than escaping to a world of endless expansion and creativity.  We do it every night, but we don’t always remember, which I find very frustrating.  Fortunately, there are many well documented memes to enhancing ones ability to dream recall – most notably keeping a dream journal. 

While journals have been a tremendous help, I am still a long ways away from my goal of being able to lucidly dream on a regular basis.  So I got to thinking – what could speed up this process?  After reading up on REM sleep cycles and different wave patterns of electroencephalography, I think the best solution would be to write a program that plays different binaural beats in frequencies congruent to the REM cycle.

Our brain produces different frequencies that model our brain’s activity.  The electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brain waves depending on your activity e.g. if you were in a intense debate you would produce beta waves in comparison to the theta waves you would produce if you were spaced out on a long car ride.  We are essentially walking antennas broadcasting signals emanating across the universe.

While we sleep, our brain cycles through different frequencies depending on the stage we are in during the REM sleep.  Ideally, I want to be able to write a program that plays delta waves (the lowest frequency) for 90 minutes.  This would induce a heavy sleep and model the electrochemical activity of your brain during nREM sleep.  After 90 minutes, it would switch over to 10-15 minutes of a binaural beat of alpha and theta waves.  This would allow your body to remain at rest, but would perpetuate one to be more mentally alert in obtaining a more clear consciousness during dreaming or REM sleep.  This would be a huge step for recording your dreams and untapping the hidden potential of what dreams have in store for us.  I guess I have to learn how to program first.

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