Summer Plans

This summer, like usual, is going to hold an interesting turn of events.  Thus far in my college career, I’ve spent one summer working an ice cream truck with Kona-Ice and another taking summer classes down at UC.  Going into the spring quarter, I expected to return to my Co-Op at Executive Jets Management.

Instead, I opted for a better option in which I would get more experience.  My friend (ironically named Jay) owns his own landscaping company.  He’s been managing it for 7 years now, with the works dating as early back to 6th grade when he started shoveling snow for neighbors.

Jay is hiring me to be the CFO of his company.  In a nut shell, I am doing all the financial statements to see how he has performed over the years and where we can trim the fat going forward.  Even though I would have made a lot more consistent income at EJM, my gut intuition tells me the experience will be invaluable.  I start tomorrow, and can’t wait to begin.


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