Lucid Dreaming Part 2

Enter the world of lucid dreaming

Where logic and reasoning melts away to prolific creativity.  Where limits and understandings are transcended and unbound.  Lucid dream offers greater insight into our understanding of who we are, what we are capable of doing, and playing out our greater stories.  Yet so little of it is understood.

In a previous post, we discussed the basics of lucid dreaming and how you can get started having your first one today.  I strongly recommend starting there if you haven’t already, as concepts will develop from those precepts.

In this post, we’ll examining some of the deeper questions surrounding this mysterious frontier.

  • How will you benefit from lucid dreaming?
  • What insights can it provide?
  • How do you use it to unlock your potential?
  • What preview, if any, can it provide for the afterlife?


To begin with, I invite you to take part in a thought experiment:

What do you dream of doing in life?  What is your highest vision of self?  We all have some idealization for the person we wish to become.  For some, that is being a successful entrepreneur, or popular writer.  For others, it’s starting a family and having an intimate relationship with loved ones.

The peculiar nature of it is that we use the word ‘DREAM’ to describe both our grandest aspirations in life, as well as these vivid hallucinations we go through every night.  

But then again, maybe they aren’t that different.

create yourself

It turns out, these vivid hallucinations _are_ our greatest tool in self actualizing our grandiose desires in life.  Working through your dreams supersedes any training, technology, or other means of preparation known to man.  This creative playground _is_ your canvas for understanding Who You Are and creating Who You Want To Become.

Yet unfortunately, most of us play a passive role in this process.  We go to bed and wake up the next day, completely oblivious to what we just dreamt about.  A dream wasted.  We’re sleepwalking through our waking life, and wake walking through our dreams.

And I’m no different.  Although for many years I’ve been fascinated with lucid dreaming, and have been recording my dreams in a journal (the 1st step in becoming a lucid dreamer) for close to 5 years now, even I have had less than 20 lucid dreams in my life.

This blog post serves not only as a means for broadcasting a message that I deem to be foundational in our understand of self on a physical, mental, and spiritual plane, but also a means for me to publicly state my intentions, and double down on my efforts in becoming an expert on lucid dreaming.

Let’s start exploring some of the questions for what lucid dreaming has to offer.


How You’ll Benefit From Lucid Dreaming

When many curious people reach out to me about lucid dreaming, they often have a common question: what are the benefits?  Let’s start from the end of that question, and work our way backwards.  Most of us have this highest vision of self, of the idealized person we want to become.  Let’s call it our dream self.

In order to become that dream self, most of us recognize that we have to work hard and make dedicated effort.  It takes a lot of practice.

Through lucid dreams, you have an incredible canvas to practice these things.  Mental imagery has been shown to be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal.

A Harvard Medical study showed that by vividly imagining yourself practicing a skill, test subjects altered their physical brain’s grey matter in the exact same way as test subjects who had performed the task first hand.  It turns out the day dreaming and things we imagine about ourselves have physical altercations on our brains structuring. brain connections







But that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  Most people will tell you rather certainly that if you imagine fucking up in a high pressure event, you’re most likely to do than say if you imagined yourself proceeding with confidence.  Most would agree with that assessment.

What might not come off as strikingly apparent, is the amount psychological priming that comes when you don’t remember doing these visualization techniques, for better or for worse.

If you go to bed at night, and always dream of failing or running from your fears, that is going to have a priming effect on a conscious level in your waking life—even if you wake up unaware of what you dreamt about.  Subconsciously, your brain wants to work through these problems.  But a lot of the time we’re not giving it the conscious attention it deserves.

By taking a conscious interest in these vivid simulations your body naturally runs every night, you can in effect rewire your brain in alignment with your idealized self.  Through lucid dreaming you can take the pilot seat in your mental programing.  Thereby turning monsters into puppy dogs, and fears into comical whims of the past.


More Than The Body

Lucid dreaming has taught me that I am more than just my body.  This physical body is an illusion to something greater that I am; that _we_ are.  When you have a dream, all the elements — the background, the conversations, the people, the creatures and sentient beings — are all you!  You wouldn’t refer to just your dream character as being you, but rather the entire dream serves as a mirror reflection.

Similarly in life, your physical body is not the real you.  You are not a thinking and feeling being that is encapsulated behind a bag of skin.  What you are is a reflection of our greater reality.  A mirror reflection to the reality you choose in experiencing.

We are one consciousness that subjectively explores the corridors and different hall ways and rooms in the larger house of our collective being.

But you don’t have to be dreaming to recognize this.  You can sense and perceive this in what is know as the state of flow.  Peak human feats and accomplishments are achieved while in the state of flow.  It’s when a subject loses all sense of self and becomes so ingrained in a task that they become one and the same.

Hours pass in the blink of an eye; time becomes null.  Action and awareness merge as one.

The state of flow can of course be experienced in waking life, but through lucid dreams it’s magnified 10x.  If some of our proudest moments as human beings are achieved in a waking state of flow, what does that say for what can be achieved in a dreaming state of flow i.e. lucid dreaming?

It’s a small acknowledgment and recognition into the God-like beings of creation we are.

I firmly believe in a higher being or order of magnitude that one day we will get the pleasure of merging in conscious awareness with.  Call it God, call it Allah, call it spirit, call it whenever you like — the name doesn’t really matter.  Don’t let linguistics get in the way.

Lucid dreams, more than any other means in my opinion, show a glimpse of our reality.  A glimpse to the beings of immaculate creation that we are.

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