Costa Rica Update

I went to the post office about 2 weeks ago to re-register for a passport after my last one went missing.  My Costa Rica trip is scheduled for March 19th – 26th, so I expedited it so I could ensure it would arrive on time.  A letter arrived from them today stating that they need more information regarding when how and why it went missing.  I filled out the report, ran to the post office, and paid for over-night shipping so they can process in time before the 19th.  It’s gonna be a time crunch.  It has been a rather strenuous process so far, hopefully everything works out in time.  My gut feeling says it will, making the trip that much more legendary after all the hard work that was put into making it happen.

Only 17 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, and 20 seconds to go, but hey, whose counting.

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