100 Days of Indo

100 Days of Indo

100 Days of Indo is a web series documenting our search for perfect waves in Indonesia.  Our friends at SovrnRepublic teamed up with FunkHouse Media to document this epic series.  Being a long time friend of Alex with FunkHouse, I decided to commit to the trip to be a translator, study the language, and take part in some good ol travel fun.


Episode 1 – Landing in Paradise

The arrival in Indonesia.  Touching base and discovering Bali, where we explored different beach breaks while interacting with the locals and learning more about their way of life.

Episode 2 – The Point

One of the most iconic waves in the world.  Desert Point is an isolated beach on Lombok, and transportation becomes an issue as we journey to the famous location.  Spend our nights under the stars, and experience life without electricity, internet, or cellphone reception.

Episode 3 – The Ments

A beautiful little island off the coast of Sumatra.  Life living with a local family and navigating to a far off land using limited Indonesian.  An inside glimpse into what that travel process looks like and how simple island living can be.

Episode 4 – Welcome to Nias

Another iconic wave break.  Located in the Northern part of Indonesia, the struggle continues for traveling and transportation.  But the riders are well rewarded with some epic barrels.

Episode 5 – SUM-BAH-WAH

For those who love road trips.  Renting motor bikes for $40/month is one of my biggest memories and associations for Indonesia.  This episode documents the trip across 3 different islands all from the bikes.

Episode 6 – Bali Bagus

The return back to Bali.  The team recounts some of there crazy adventures, and gets prepared to head back home for Christmas.